"It was a wonderful experience, Becky's expert navigation through the ups and downs of home buying and selling, her business plan, and experience got us through the process, I'm incredibly grateful and thankful for her assistance. I would highly recommend her". ~ Juan

“Becky did an excellent job throughout the sale of my property. She carefully analyzed the market, understood my priorities and sold my property in less than a week!!! By far the best experience I have ever had with a real estate agent. Becky clearly walked me through the entire sale process and answered every question I had at all times. She was accessible to answer questions every day and she successfully coordinated with the Property Management Company handling my condo and with the tenant I had at the time to make an exemplary transaction where all parties benefited. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without Becky! This was my first time selling a property, therefore, I was not only looking for a competent agent but for guidance, support and professionalism... and Becky significantly exceeded my expectations on every single one of those requirements. Thank you so much for everything Becky!” ~ Jesse

"When I met Becky, I was very clear and transparent with my goals. We are both “Go Getters” which helped a lot in every endeavor on the sale of my property/purchase of my new home. Her initial presentation gave me the faith to believe in her from the get-go. Becky ensures all the documents that I am signing are legitimate. If I have further questions, she immediately made time for us to connect and jump on a quick call. When things get sticky, a realtor should be your advocate. Becky made sure to be my advocate and trusted advisor on all transactions. One of the things that I appreciate about working with Becky is how our relationship evolved. Selling and Buying a home is very stressful emotionally, physically and mentally. During the sale of our home my husband, myself and our 2 year old twins was infected by Coronavirus. She touch based on a regular basis to see how we are doing, offered to buy us groceries/medicine and even brought us pie. Becky is smart, tough and has your best interest... this made it easy to work with her. She absolutely got my back. I appreciate all her hard work and I thank Becky for helping us get our dream home in the city that we love." ~ Kristine

"She is very professional and patient.  She is very serious and good at negotiating with buyers. This is the best broker I have ever met.  I will chose her again. ~ Yunxian Zhu

"I am very happy to recommend a very good real estate agent for everyone. Her name is Becky. It is a very lucky thing to know her. When I talked to her, I could see she is very passionate and professional person, and a very efficient work style. Half an hour after I met her, I did not hesitate to sign an agreement with her to make her my sales agent. I can't be in California because of my work. She only took a week to successfully list my house. Her work efficiency was unexpected, because the first day of Open House we received 5 Offers, and 25 people came to visit. Soon we signed the sale contract. In the whole process of working with Becky, she is very professional, serious and efficient. She is also a very trustworthy person. She did not let me have a little worry, but also gave me a good offer price. So if you are looking for a real estate agent, I would definitely recommend Becky as your economic man. You will be very happy and satisfied". ~Zhou Huijuan

”My house had been on the market for 18 months. I was growing impatient with my realtors. When I was looking for new agents, Becky calls me out of the blue and gives me her pitch. I decided to meet her and got a great vibe from her. Becky is the best agent I had work for me. She is polite, understanding of our needs and a very hard worker. I will always go back to Becky and recommend her to friends and family. My family an I really appreciate her hard work. ~ Edwardo

“Becky worked hard the entire time to sell our home. Not only did she sell our home at a good price but she found a great buyer. The transaction from my end was seamless.” ~ Olga

"Becky was so efficient she got the sale done and I never had to leave the safety of my Home office. Money in the bank!"
~ Jack

"Becky was a blessing to me during the sale of my home. I will only buy and sale a property if Becky is my agent." ~ Shannon

"Becky Kachlik is a fantastic real estate agent who will go out of her way to help you get the best deal when you are her client. She not only does what is expected of her, she is truly concerned about your welfare and will go above and beyond her duties as your real estate agent to make sure you are well taken care of, even after the deal is done. I highly recommend her." ~ Marlies 

"From the start Becky told me not to worry about anything regarding the sale – and she was right. She handled everything and made sure everything went smoothly. We are now moving into our new place, and I am so thankful for Becky." ~ Katie

"Becky Kachlik is an excellent broker, besides being very competent, she is accessible, informed and sensitive to both seller and buyer, she is polite and makes the whole process pleasant and easy to understand. I will certainly use her services and recommend her in the future. ~ Alfonso

“Becky is seriously a blessing. She offered to help me with my open house when I was still listing my house myself. She showed up to take pictures for flyers, and ended up helping me clean and stage my home. She was so kind and personable -- I just knew I would be in good hands if I signed with her, and I am SO glad we did. She told me she could get a certain price for my home, and she delivered. We're in escrow now, and it is such a relief having her in my corner, taking care of every little thing. Whenever something pops up that we need to take care of, she tells me not to worry, and that she's got it. And she really, really does. I can't recommend Becky Kachlik enough.” ~ Katharyn 

“Thanks Becky for all of your help and especially your guidance and direction during whole sales process from beginning to end. To anyone looking for an agent to handle the sale process of their property I very highly recommend Becky Kachlik of Century 21.” ~ Michael

Becky did an amazing job in helping me sell this property. I’ve been wanting to sell this property for quite a while now and it’s finally done. I truly appreciate all that she has done and will definitely recommend her to others.” ~ Parviz “I’m very happy with the service I received from Becky. Her dedication was amazing. Available every time I had a question and willing to work with me.” ~ Alejandro

"She was the best realtor I've ever met. She really helps people on the buyer and seller side and provide me every information that I ask. I highly recommend work with her! ~ Kang